First blog post

Hello there, internet! My name is Whitney from Memphis, Tennessee and this is the blog attached to my YouTube channel, Makers Gotta Make It. I’m so excited to be sharing my “making” experiences with you! I’ve always been a little bit creative and a lot ambitious in my projects, so this one is right down my alley. I love to make things, whether it be in the kitchen, on the sewing machine, or in the wood shop and I want this blog and my channel to be a resource to other makers who are trying to get started or wanting to learn a new skill.

Check back for recipes, supplies, patterns, and other details that are mentioned and linked on my YouTube videos!

3 thoughts on “First blog post

      1. Just set a goal for yourself! My goal for this year is one post per month, which is doable but challenging. Set a goal and stick with it, and you’ll be good!


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