Vanilla Cake- and my deepest, darkest secret

I have a confession to make. My vanilla cake recipe? The one that everyone loves? The one that I get more compliments on than anything else I make? ….it’s not mine. It’s a recipe I found on Pinterest. I didn’t even make any alterations to it. NONE. I make it EXACTLY the way the Pin told me to, and it’s perfect every time. So when you see a link to the cake recipe on YouTube, it doesn’t even bring you here- it takes you to Rose Bakes. Specifically, it takes you right here.

I can’t say enough good things about this cake. It is moist (grooossss, we all hate that word, but it had to be done), it is stackable, carvable, freezable, edible… It’s everything you ever wanted in a vanilla cake.

So there it is. My deep, dark secret. If the betrayal of my theft isn’t enough, it’s even boxed-mix based. Such cheatery. Delicious, delicious cheatery. So go, my friends, and make the cake before you judge me.

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