Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow fondant. That wonderful sugary, Play Doh-y, versatile food beautifier.  If you are ready to take your cakes to the next level and give yourself a lot of creative freedom, then learning to make (or use, if you decide to buy) fondant is going to be essential. I have found that the homemade fondant is easier to process, color, and use than most of the brands that I have purchased and the expense is cut drastically by making it. Not to mention, making it is so easy! So here we go:

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

  • 16oz pkg Jet-Puffed MINI (important) marshmallows. Don’t go off brand, they just don’t melt as smoothly.
  • 2lbs powdered/icing sugar. No need to sift.
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Vegetable shortening for greasing hands and surfaces


Pour your marshmallows in a large microwave-safe bowl. Do not skimp on bowl size- you want the biggest one that will possibly fit inside your microwave. Pour the water over the marshmallows and microwave them for 1 minute only.

Take the marshmallows out of the microwave and stir them well with a NON STICK spatula. Do yourself a favor, pay attention to the big words- marshmallows are very sticky when melted.

Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring in between microwavings, until the mixture is totally smooth- no lumpy marshmallow bits (bubbles are fine).

Dump all of your powdered sugar into the bowl with your marshmallows (hence the recommendation of a large bowl) and mix carefully with your spatula. Work in as much of the sugar as possible. At some point, the mixture will become too difficult to stir with the spatula. Set the spatula aside and LIBERALLY grease your hands with the shortening. Make sure your mixture is not too hot (warm is fine, but you don’t want to burn yourself) and continue to mix, using your hands, until most of the sugar is worked in.

Grease your hands AND your counter top LIBERALLY (by now, if you are following along, you will see the wisdom in MORE IS MORE when it comes to the greasing) and put your fondant ball onto the greased counter. Kneed your fondant ball until it is a smooth consistency- about 3-4 minutes. If it feels a little runny, you can add more sugar- I have had to do this from time to time and I generally chalk it up to the humidity as to whether I need to or not. If you do add it, do it a little bit at a time, you should not need more than 1/4 cup extra. The ball will be fairly soft but should still hold it’s shape pretty well (some settling is normal).

If your ball becomes difficult to knead, you can warm it in the microwave in 10 second increments. Be VERY careful because fondant is prone to hot spots and the inside can give you serious burns while the outside is cool to the touch. Microwave it for 10 seconds, kneed it, repeat if necessary.

Coat the ball in shortening and wrap it in plastic wrap. You really need to make it a day in advance because it needs to rest in order to firm up a bit and avoid air bubbles in your rolled out dough. Store at room temp.

And that’s it!

It only takes a few minutes and a couple of ingredients to make your own fondant at home. I hope you enjoyed this recipe, be sure to check out my videos on Youtube for ideas and inspiration for using fondant on your cakes!

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