After the break…

So you know how you get on a great roll of updating your blog and taking photos and shooting some video storage and then life happens? Life is such an interruption sometimes! In the case, life took the shape of a sweet little baby that landed on my doorstep for the next little while. My family is a foster family, and we occasionally get kids dropped off at our home on as little as an hour’s notice. This makes the blog take a back seat until we are out of survival mode and starting to normalize. I think we’re there now! I may even get some baking done this week, woo!

This post is about Easter cakes. I had originally planned to have two Easter cakes in this post, but surprise babies being what they are, there’s only one. I’ll just make two posts. It’s totally going to happen. Totally will.

Anyway! I made this cake as a sample cake for what I am hoping to offer for my friends’ Easter tables. I love the surprise in the middle!




Here’s the rub. I love to make things, and I really love seasonal things- holidays, season changes, special occasions- all of these things are totally my jam. However, as a Christian, I haaaaate charging money for things that I know people will buy just because they are associated with Jesus. I don’t want Jesus to be my marketing scheme. It makes me feel gross. So the way I deal with Easter sales is this: I donate the proceeds. I still get to do my thing and create things centered around themes that I love, but I don’t have to feel yucky about Jesus being the reason for the sale.

This year, I have some friends that are moving their family to Jordan to help with the refugee crisis there. The hubs of the family is a dentist, so he will be using his skills and talents to bring some relief to folks who haven’t had proper care in quite some time. The wife of the team is an artist. She’s going to use her skills and talents in conjunction with some other folks to provide art therapy to kids and families who have been through some of the worst things that this world has to offer. That seems like something Jesus would do. I think that I can fulfill my love of creating and still honor Jesus AND do some good in the world. That’s how I want to celebrate Easter- by sending something good into the lives of folks who have seen a lot of bad.


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