The Easter Aftermath (and how DOES that bunny get in there?!)

You guys. Why did I even do that?

The Easter cakes were a success- more so than I had planned for. The comments on my Facebook post went a little crazy and I ended up making 14 cakes


For those of you who don’t make cakes, that seems like a pretty small number. Let me break it down for you

that means I made my cake recipes over 30 times, 140 cut-out bunnies, 280+ buttercream flowers, and 25 POUNDS of buttercream. All due to be picked up ON THE SAME DAY.

It was insanity. It was crazy. I’m doing it again in two weeks. I never learn.

Here’s some photos including the secret of the magical bunny- things got crazy, so some of them are just straight off of my instagram instead of my good camera. Sorry. I should have included photos of my totally trashed kitchen, just for educational purposes.

First, assemble your forces. This pile was for making the bunnies.


Bake a chocolate sheet cake


Allow your sheet cake to cool and then use a handy dandy bunny cookie cutter (this particular one came from Hobby Lobby, but it’s easy to find elsewhere)


Line your bunnies up in your cake pan with a little of your vanilla cake batter in the bottom to help “glue” them and keep them in place. Crumbs happen, don’t sweat it.



You want to pack them in nice and tight, and then cover them with your vanilla batter. Don’t go over board or your house will smell like the burnt cake bits that spilled over into the bottom of your oven for AN AGE. Don’t ask me why I know, but trust me, I KNOW.


Then you just bake those little guys until the vanilla cake is baked and all of the sudden your friends think you have some kind of cake voodoo magic that enables you to spirit a bunny into the middle of anything. You are welcome.

Here’s the finished product- I couldn’t fit all the cakes on my table, but I was happy with them and everyone I spoke to after Easter seemed to enjoy them and had lots of fun surprising their families with the secret bunny. Now you, too, can delight your friends and family with fun shapes inside of your cakes!


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