Stephen’s Wetting Down

Wetting down- who knew that was a thing?! Apparently it’s the nickname for Navy promotion ceremonies stemming from the tradition that the promotee treats his unit to a round of drinks until the tab equals the amount of his pay raise. What a world.

I went to a wetting-down that was quite a bit different this weekend. One of my personal friends has gone through training to be a chaplain in the US Navy, so naturally his wetting down was of a different type- the dry type. In these cases, there is cake.

There is a lot I could say about this ceremony- it was unexpectedly sweet, personal, and emotional. Basically, it was the opposite of the stuffy, formal, stiff proceedings that I thought I was attending. Apparently I need to get out more- I was totally unprepared for how many tissues I needed.

Stephen, the promotee, asked me a few weeks prior if I could make a cake for the ceremony. I was very honored but SO STRESSED OUT!!!! These folks, if they are known for anything, are known for their precision and attention to detail. WHO NEEDS THAT KIND OF PRESSURE.

Anyway. I learned a lot at the promotion ceremony and was very moved by the whole thing. Here are a few photos.

This is the cake- which definitely had some imperfections, but it was a big hit with the Navy fellas, so I guess that was a lot of stress over nothing. This thing weighed 25 pounds tho


This was one precious moment- the shepherd of Stephen’s sending congregation prayed over him and the folks he’ll be serving. At the same time, one of their wives prayed with Stephen’s wife, Julia, who has been the absolute awesomest (official Navy title) while he’s been away for training.


And here was the big finale- a retired Navy officer and current church shepherd took Stephen’s oath. He’s official.


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